Wood Retaining Wall Specifications

Wood Retaining Wall Design Construction

Wood retaining wall – What type of retaining wall is the easiest and cheapest to build? Most homeowners build a fieldstone or timber wall. Because they are the most popular ingredients in my area, but the modular block and poured concrete or concrete block wall is also a very good choice. Each type of wall requires a different set of tools and skills building. Rail or wooden landscape ties are, inexpensive materials that are good for someone who is comfortable building with wood. A pour concrete walls strongest possible options. But the installation may be best left to professionals.

In this article we will give a review of why it should be wood retaining wall. Because choosing the most appropriate material is the first decision you need to do when starting a retaining wall project. Before you start building a wall, you also need to consider the height of the completed new value, the right foundation and how to recharge properly. Build two or smaller wall may also be easier on your back because you do not need to lift the stone, block, or the wood is too high, or set up staging.

If you decide to build wood retaining wall terraced. So start with the lowest wall: You will make a flat area to stand on while working on the upper walls, and you can combine the steps that must be built from the bottom up. Even the most attractive retaining wall can lose its charm if the wall is too large for the surrounding areas.