Wall Mounted Wine Rack Ideas

Wall Mount Wine Rack

Wall mounted wine rack is important to hold wine safely stored, as well as to ensure maximum display to have bragging rights over your friends and family. Wine bottles are heavy and can often be very expensive, so install the rack properly is the best way to ensure that the wine will not come to a premature death before the cork is ready to be popped. Many types of racks are available in the market, but a wall mounted wine rack is the safest type for your bottles.

Choose a suitable wine rack based on need. Take into account the number of bottles to be stored and how much space is available for rack ensures there’s plenty of room for the doors to open and people to join without bumping rack. Determine the proper location for the installation of the wall mounted wine rack. Storing wine in direct light will damage the wine over time, as will the storage of wine in an area undergoing large temperature fluctuations. Read all the manufacturer’s instructions before you put the rack. Make sure all necessary items are included with rack and become familiar with the steps in the assembly process. Locate a stud in the wall using the stud finder. This is crucial because the bottles are quite heavy and require the use of a stud to support the weight.