Wall Mounted Towel Rack Design

Wall Mounted Towel Rack

Wall mounted towel rack is available in a variety of lengths and styles, but they all have one thing in common the way in which a towel rack mounted on the wall. The basic features of a towel rack include anchors, anchor plates, end brackets and towel bar. All these put together to create a place for you to hang your towel. When the towel rack comes loose, the goal is worn, or it becomes obsolete, you must be able to remove it from the wall. Removal is done with a few simple hand tools.

Wall mounted towel rack, look at the underside of the end brackets that hold your towel bar on site. You will see a hole with a set screw on each console. The set screw holding end anchors from moving so your towel bar does not fall out of the brackets. Use a small Phillips-head or flat head screwdriver or small wrench to loosen the two set screws. Turn each adjustment screw counterclockwise to loosen it. When your set screws are loose enough, loosen the closing parenthesis.

Wall mounted towel rack, take your towel bar with one hand and lift up one end bracket with the other hand. When you lift up the end bracket, it will get away from his arms. Your towel bar will come out with the console. Lift at the opposite end mount and remove. Take your anchor plates by loosening the screws in the middle of the plates. Turn the screws counter clockwise with the Phillips screwdriver, until you have completely removed them.