Top Accent Wall Colors Ideas

Accent Wall Colors Living Room

To create beautiful walls, accent colors can help you. Accent wall colors will make sure about unique and attractive ways to enhance quality of your home background. They can become more than just wall treatment but also investment. Pour your personal taste into your walls with paint ideas! There are different ways to make real stunning wall colors as accent decor ideas. Check these out!

To make amazing treatments for the walls, it is nice and on a budget using traditional brown paper bags. Two different ways can be done. First is by using them as wall paper. You can buy rolls of them. Tear them into shapes and sizes differently! Then the next step is to crumple them up. For the ceiling, a few of them are in straight edges. Any place that needs it can also be with it.

Wallpaper paste is to be used. Adhering the paste onto the paper and the wall or one of them is easy. It is recommended to randomly apply slightly each of the pieces overlapping onto your walls. Just sufficiently so that not to crumple in texture! You let it to dry which later painted. Top colors for accent walls are red and purple. They look amazingly stunning on grey and beige walls.

Another way to use the brown paper bags is almost similar actually. First of all is by painting before tearing them apart. This is meant to create a contrast of color that so distinctive. To create color combinations that unexpected, this is the main purpose. Once painting is done and dried, tearing and crumpling are the next steps. You can simply have unique look on your walls with interesting textures.

How to pick an accent wall color for your rooms like bedroom, living room and other rooms? Combing is very easy and fun to do it yourself. You will need a base coat color to start it. An accent color is to be applied on the base coating. Well, make sure to apply paint extender to the top paint coat. This is meant to keep the paint long to last with transparent looking.

Are you still in need of inspiring ideas for creating accent wall colors? We show 18 pictures of them on this gallery post. Learn and combine each of the ideas for some unique wall colors!