Tips Installing Wall Partitions

Wall Partitions

Wall Partitions – From the standpoint of process installation instructions, a dry partition wall is divided into four phases, except for a requirement for the finishing and decoration plastering. The works begin with the markup, and then carry out the installation of the guide rail. Then proceed to install rack mount profiles.

In the fourth stage, the leaves patch drywall to framing construction. That’s what a schematic plan of the execution of works. You need to stop at every stage. To install this type of wall partitions galvanized metal, having a width of 7.5-10 cm, a wooden beam use profile. The marking is done on the ground. Future partitions radius drawn with a pencil and a hard cord, rope or chain. Profile cutting for Paso frame will depend on the size of the radius, the larger the radius, the larger the step. After cutting the profile it must be bolted to the floor.

The point radius is transferred to the ceiling with denial help or plumb line. Then you need to draw a radius of future wall partitions on the roof in the same way as on the floor, and screw on a scoring guide profile. Frame profiles are secured at the top and bottom with screws. With a large radius of free walls in dire need of rack insert wooden beam strength. The smaller the radius, the closer to each other support should be placed.