Making Your Own Daybed Pillows

Daybed Bolster Pillow Covers

Daybed pillows are the essential complement thing of the daybed. Pillow increase both the daybed comfort and beauty. No one can refuse the comfort of pillow. Pillow also can functions as decorative aspect for daybed. The harmonious colors and patterns from the pillow can enhance the daybed aesthetic. You can make your own pillow for the daybed. This article will guide you to make your own DIY pillow for daybed.

Measuring Material for Daybed Pillows

Before making your own pillow, you have to know how to measure the material. The guidance is for the rectangular shape. First, you have to know the length and width of the pillow. Add 1 inch extra of the fabric. Then, fold the fabric in half lengthwise. Tidy up and smooth the wrinkle with your hands. Then, cut the fabric using sharp scissors. The common size is 28.5 inches for each side. Do not forget to add 1 inch in each side, so the total size is 29.5 inches.

Starting to Make Your DIY Daybed Pillow

After measuring the fabric, it is the time to make the pillow. Fold down the long sides 1 inch to make the inside of the fold is the wrong side of the material. Then, fold again he sides 1 inch. Press the folds using iron in medium temperature. After that, sew the fold using sewing machine. Then, sew the other section of the fabric to the wrong side out. To make the way for inserting the pillow, give an open space 20 inches. Next, you have to adjust the corner. The corner will frame the pillowcase. Sew the points down 2 inches across. Cut the excess fabric from the points. Last, insert two bed pillows into the pillowcase. Make both of them lay flat inside the case. Close the hook, and now the pillow is ready for use.