Installing Wall Mounted Vanity

Wall Mounted Vanity

Wall mounted vanity are very common in the bathroom, and for good reason: Vanities create a sense of elegance and is comfortable to use. Vanities also provide extra storage space and a countertop. Installing a wall mounted vanity is a relatively simple process that requires some common tools and screws.

Measure the length and width of the vanity. Select where on the wall you want to have it installed. Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the position of the edges of the vanity to the wall. Use tape measure to mark a spot on the wall about 20 inches above the floor. Using a stud finder, locate the wall studs in the wall. Draw a dot above each wall stud location. Place the piece of wood 20 inches from the floor, in the wall mounted vanity size. Track piece of wood.

Notch the exposed wall studs with a handsaw until they are 1.5 inches deep. The surplus wood should then be removed so the piece of wood you have used fits inside each notch. Place the timber inside the newly notched wall studs. Screw in the wood joists with wood screws. Locate the wall cleat, which should have come in a package of vanity. Raise cleat beveled edge so it sticks up, and insert it in the middle of the 2-by-6 piece of wood. Check that the cleat is fully horizontal using a level. Drill four holes through the stud’s hole and into the slab of wood. Use wood screws to attach cleat to the wooden plate.