Installing A Wall Mounted Sink

Wall Mounted Sink

Installing a wall mounted sink in your bathroom can save space by eliminating the need for cabinets. After disconnecting and removing your old sink, you can start preparing for your new one. Cut and pull away wallboard, insert a 2-inch-by-8-inch board between the studs for support. When you place your hanger bracket, it should be directly in front 2 of 8 putting wallboard back into place and complete its surface. Put hanger bracket in place on the wall, using the instructions that came with your wall mounted sink. If directions are not outline how to install the hanger bracket, call the manufacturer. Hanger bracket should be positioned so that it is level.

Lowest wall mounted sink on the bracket, attaching it to the sink drain flange and faucet as you work. Checking if the sink is level and make the necessary adjustments. Adapt the fasteners included in the washing installation kit to secure it in place. Put the supply lines to the faucet and tighten the coupling nuts to secure it in place. The drain flange should be connected to the trap and drain lines by using channel-type pliers. Attach clevis pivot rod and drain plug and use the tube and tile caulk along joints in the sink and wall to hold it in place.