Ideas Wall To Wall Carpet

Wall To Wall Carpet

Wall to wall carpet – We are used to decorate our floors carpets because it really is also very functional decorative, but how about decorating the walls with carpet? You can not deny that would be a different decoration but also would be cozy and comfortable place for those days when it gets colder you convey warm feeling. It is also true that the walls are used to decorate them in many ways but with carpets? It is not very common in our culture but it really is a different form of decoration that will be great in any decorative style especially in those styles that are based on a classic oriental decor, Arabic or.

If you like the idea of decorating the wall to wall carpet matter the decor you have in your house, looking for a carpet you like and merge and put it on the wall! I’m sure you will not regret your walls because that will not go naked and be decorated so that sure that all your guests will stay with his mouth open.

If you do not want to buy a new carpet do not worry because now and because of the crisis are also fashionable reuse items and extend their lives to give us more service. So I’m sure if you ask family or friends and even if you look in your box you will find what you need to decorate your wall to wall carpet.