How To Wall Mounted Table

Wall Mounted Table

Wall mounted table provides a clean and modern look to any room. A folding wall mounted table can be a useful space saver. Making your own wall-mounted table is not a difficult task, and will look like a professionally made one, with half the price tag. Most important consideration when making a DIY wall-mounted table is to ensure that the table is attached to a wall support. This is easily done by using a stud finder.

Find the wall studs in the area where you want to wall mounted table. Use the stud finder and mark the spot where each student with pencil on the approximate height you want your table. Choose two studs, about 16 inches apart, to assemble your table on. Select the exact height of the table in a horizontal line between the two chosen studs.

Wall mounted table, adjust the shelf brackets, with the 18-inch end pointing down the wall and the right angle one inch below the line table. Make sure that the brackets are straight. Screw them to the wall and stud behind the wall. Center table top of shelf brackets. The table top can be MDF board, plywood or prefabricated tabletop. Check the rear edge of the table is flush with the wall. Screw the brackets to the table top from the bottom up.