DIY Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack

Building a wall mounted shoe rack can help to save space and prevent a cluttered house. Sand all boards plane grinding. Start by running it over the surface of your wooden boards until they are smoothed. Then sand the edges. Next, drill holes in the four 4-inch wooden planks. Use the measuring tape to measure 2 inches from the end. Mark the location right in the center and drill a 3/8 inch hole that is 2 inches deep. Do the same on the other end of the wood, then repeat the process the other part 4 of 4.

Install two 4 by 4 boards on the wall vertically and 24 inches do besides this by first drilling a hole in one of the predrilled holes and through the wall, then use an 8-inch wood screw to secure the wooden part. The wall mounted shoe rack is almost ready, you just need to mount the vertical wood planks. Install a few pairs of shoes to 2-inch space between the planks toes of the shoes should go into space; regions will not fit. Fill you newly wall mounted shoe rack with shoes to test if it will keep all of your shoes.