Decorate With Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Unique Wall Mounted Bottle Opener Vintage

Wall mounted bottle opener – A wine bottle opener is also known as a corkscrew, although technically the corkscrew is only the pointed, spiral metal part. The corkscrew allowed the cork to then become an air-deterrent for the wine, thus extending its durability. Because of its usefulness, the inventors have designed many different styles of wine bottle openers through the years and many people today collect examples of this handy tool. There are different ways of displaying wine bottle openers, including using them for home furnishings in the dining rooms, kitchen and wine cellar.

Place your corkscrew collection in a shadow box and mount it on the wall. You can buy shadow boxes at craft and furniture stores or a custom frame shop can make one that is adapted to the number and style of your wine openers. Have the frame shop mount your corkscrews in the shadow box using only archival materials to preserve them. Arrange your wine wall mounted bottle opener on a shelf or occasional table for an attractive display. Choose the corkscrews that compliment the style of the room and other furniture that is there. This is especially good for wine cellars that are large enough to hold wine tasting parties.

Buy a magnetic knife strip and mount it in a conspicuous place. Display metal wine wall mounted bottle opener on the strip. Get more than one strip if you have lots of openers. Glue magnets to your wine wall mounted bottle opener and arrange them on the refrigerator door.