Cute Wall Shelf With Hooks For Kids

Wall Shelf With Hooks

Wall shelf with hooks for children provides valuable storage space for your son or daughter. Contemporary shelves attached to wall with a bracket that remains hidden behind shelf. These are bit too upscale and adult children though. Shelves meant especially for children using bright colors and fit needs of your child.

A chalkboard wall shelf with hooks is a basic wall shelf, with a blackboard attached to top. Shelf has two functions in room: as a shelf for books or knickknacks and a blackboard to write notes and draw pictures. When using this type of shelf in bedroom, hang it lower to ground and make sure that your child can easily reach top of board. Keep colored chalk in a cup or bowl on top shelf, and keep an eraser nearby. If you cannot find a shelf like this, make your own. Hang a traditional wall shelf in a color or pattern you like and hang a chalkboard directly over edge of shelf.

Shaped wall shelf with hooks has an unusual shape that fits well in a child’s room. Round shelves are examples. Shelves are made of different circuits are connected to each other and then attached to wall. Shelves are closed, unlike traditional open shelves, giving you storage at both top and bottom of shelf. Find wooden shelves, and carved into various letters that spell out your child’s name. Or, spell name of their favorite team, to fit a sports theme bedroom or spell other words, moving room’s theme. Shaped shelves add a decorative touch to room.