Best Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall Mounted Ironing Board

Wall mounted ironing board – Ironing board cover empty folding ironing board wall mounted wooden table. Best folding wall hanging on the wall mounted folding ironing board in the cabinet. Ironing board flat rate wall: folding. Undoubtedly, among the most hate housework, the board is the top of my ranking leads.

Therefore, the farther and more hidden the Wall Mounted Ironing Board is found, the table and all the accessories that work, much better. The solution to make it easier ironing. Ironing board bolted to the wall, and that folds leaving her against the wall. Of course the board hide from people like I was not the idea of Whitney Design’s to think about the Stow Away Ironing Board Cabinet, but did so as a solution for saving space.

What’s this about? So easy, it is a piece of furniture or cabinet mounted on the wall, made in strong and solid wood painted white and with a sliding door that, when opened, reveals an wall mounted ironing board folded and enough space to store their accessories necessary for ironing and washing our clothes. Thus, when we need to iron our clothes just have to open the door, deploy the table and choose from the four positions in which this can be adjusted for our comfort. Its price? $ 199.