Arrange A Collage Of Wall Picture Frames

Wall Picture Frames

Wall picture frames – To arrange a collage of wall picture frames, firstly is buy more cheap pictures from your local Goodwill or other thrift store. Look for pictures with interesting shapes or different module sizes. You may have to buy framed pictures. Do not worry, you can remove and discard or recycle the image without any guilt. If your style is more formal, you want to buy frames that are similar in style and size. If your style is more eclectic, focus on buying a mix of frame styles.

Choose a single color that works with your room’s color scheme to paint pictures. Crisp white jumping against deep colored walls. Black is a good choice for more formal spaces, and bold, bright shades are great to use in a neutral room. Use spray paint to coat each of the wall picture frames in your chosen color, which will create a more uniform look, even with frame of significantly different shapes and sizes. Allow the framework to dry for 24 hours before hanging

Measure the dimensions of wall space on the floor. Marked with painter’s tape if you have it. And then put out frames. Move them around until you find a pleasing arrangement. Then use the tape measure and pencil to mark the location of each frame on the wall. Start with the center frame and work your way out, marking the midpoint of each frame on the wall. Be sure to include space between frames in your calculations. And hang the wall picture frames using hammer and nails. Use the level to ensure each frame is hung straight.