Applying Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – The pull-up bar of Iron Gym mounted lever doubles as push-up handles and a flat base for sauces. The product is marketed through infomercials and can be purchased online or at brick and mortar stores. The Iron Gym has widespread, neutral and walked close grip handles, and is ideal for use in a door 30-inch size. Bolt one end of the flat bar on the unpadded end of each of the bent bars, facing the inside of the curve.

A small pin wrench is included with the Iron Gym, but it is very delicate. You may have to provide your own 10mm wrench. Slide the two straight, round bars together to create a long wall mounted pull up bar. Fastening a screw through each of the two holes where the bars overlap to hold together. Place the long bar through the outside of the two bent bars near the padded claws, and pin in place. Wedge small metal tab that comes with the Iron Gym at the top of the door frame where you are installing the Iron Gym.

The tab should protrude upward, between the wall and the trim. Slide the narrow bar supported iron in the gym through the door on the other side and place on top of horizontal adjustment of the door frame between the metal tab and the wall. Make sure the flat wall mounted pull up bar seats securely on the top of the door frame.